Pay Per Click

PPC Agency Services

We build, optimize, and manage Google Search Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and retargeting campaigns.

We work across North America, but many of our clients are in the cities where we are based:

PPC Agency Services in Vancouver
PPC Agency Services in Toronto
PPC Agency Services in Calgary


Rock solid paid strategies.

We're experts in managing advertising spend

Consistent Communication

Reporting, dashboards, and collaboration.

Campaign Optimization

Optimizing constantly towards Relevancy and Quality Scores.

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A / B Testing

Ensuring effective messaging for all campaigns.

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ROI Analysis

Dive into what's working and what to improve.

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Ecommerce PPC

Generate more online sales, capture search intent and win more clicks.

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Lead Gen

A concentration on lead quality to boost your profitability.

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Cost Control

Maximizing the effect of the budget. Solid and consistent cost control strategies.

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If you have leads that don't convert, we'll build strategies to close deals.

PPC Search

Google Search Ads Management

Get the most out of your ad spend by putting your budget in the hands of experts. We'll plan your PPC strategy, use the Google Ads platform to run your campaigns, track your results and share the progress with you in regular updates.

We structure our PPC strategies around best practices, providing expert insight and clear communication based on keyword research.

We'll present plans to ensure your SERP position is high, you avoid paid keyword traps and your content gets maximum exposure to search intent.

PPC Social Ads

Facebook + Instagram Ad Management

Quality control in terms of creative and messaging. Protecting your brand by balancing the technical requirements with the creative.

The best targeting direct to your desired audience to build brand awareness, drive website traffic and promote your products + services.

Facebook Manager is complex and difficult to navigate. Our work ensures it's an organized advertising setup which makes measurement easy and quick.

PPC Retargeting

Retargeting campaigns

Remarketing is a powerful tool to bring customers back to your website, to increase your revenue and grow your company.

Our team of experts will recommend the right solution for your company to ensure you capture interest and bring back customers with a strong intent to purchase.

With the right strategy, we'll use Google's Digital Display network and social media to drive sales, leads and revenue for your business.

PPC Services

What we do

There are 100 things to do in order to make a PPC campaign successful, but here are the main tactics we use:

  • Competitive research
  • Market research
  • Account builds
  • Ad writing
  • Ad optimization
  • Target audience selection
  • Training
  • Conversion rate analysis
  • SEO analysis to inform strategy
  • Reporting

Frequently asked questions about our PPC work.

Why Choose the Status Bureau as Your PPC Agency?

We have been active since 2006 and have a strong and reliable process around our PPC services. Transparency, reliability, and results are at the core of what we do.

Types of PPC Engagements

We can build and manage the accounts to make it as turnkey as possible, or we can train and inform internal teams on how to best run the campaigns. Contact us to figure out the most helpful arrangement for your business.

How do you Measure Results?

It depends on what our clients want, which is why our reporting is customized. If your organization needs leads in Toronto, we'll measure that. If you need ecommerce sales in the U.S., we'll measure that.

Are GA4 and Conversion Tracking Part of a PPC Campaign??

Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager are always part of our paid media services. Post-click analysis is very important, so ensuring that tracking is set up and reporting accurately is always part of what we do.

How Much are Your Services?

Most of our PPC campaign management services range from between $2,000 - $3,000 per month.