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Therapy has been moved online, and so is a person's search for help. We help therapists get their websites found and connect with those looking for help.

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SEO SERVICES for Therapists

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Therapist SEO Services

Why SEO is essential for Therapists in Private Practices

So people can find you.

Online therapy has been popularized, and people head to Google to look for counselling options. In the United States:

  • The term "therapist near me" is googled 150,000 times per month
  • The term "therapist" is googled 110,000 times per month

Where we start

Here's what we look at first with therapists.

  • What is the current performance of the website in the practice's specialty?

  • Does each service and modality have it's own unique page?

  • What practices show up in your map listings?

Therapist SEO Services

Work backwards from bookings

When psychologists and counsellors embark on an SEO campaign, the outcome is more bookings. It's the obvious outcome of more people finding your website when searching for the services they need. The best strategic approach is to work backwards from your ideal new patients and where you have availability.

We'll build a strategy that brings the right customer to your website, and ensures you keep a solid schedule of clients.

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Therapist SEO Services

Optimizing Your Therapy Website with SEO Best Practices

Here are a few key areas we'll need to tackle:

  • Optimizing the website for the terms people are using on Google
  • Localizing the website's reach so that those closer to home are seeing it more often
  • Enhancing the content and reach of the specific services (individual, family, trauma, etc)
  • Removing technical errors
  • Having the website load fast on phones
  • Finding ways off of the website to explain to Google that this website and practice is clearly a great choice for its users
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Therapist SEO Services

Getting people even "better help"

There are companies spending millions of dollars per month on their online marketing. The goal is to not go head to head with them, but find your advantage and use it.

Many psychologists and therapists have distinct service and local advantages that larger organizations cannot match. We work with our parters to find the opportunity and use it. We'll bring the right customer to your website, so you can provide help to those who need it.