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Shopify SEO

We have optimized dozens of Shopify sites and know where to pull the levers.


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Shopify SEO

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Ecommerce and Shopify SEO is a different strategy than optimizing your site for leads. Shopify SEO is about national and international optimization tactics, and beating the competition, and understanding the ROI and LCV of your efforts. With a Shopify site you're not limited to local traffic, so ensuring your site ranks well nationally and internationally takes a different approach. We'll research your field and build a strategy that allows you to capture a larger market of organic growth.

Shopify SEO

Shopify Optimization

Optimizing Shopify themes is one of our core competencies. Our team has extensive experience with Shopify theme optimization and can work with you to ensure your site is revised perfectly for search engines. You know your business, and how to describe your products for your ideal customer. The customer we know best is Google, and we'll help tailor your site to appeal to a search engine as much as your products appeal to your customers.

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