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Technical SEO Agency Services in Vancouver

This is our HQ, and we're well known for our SEO services in the city. Audits, campaigns, content, optimization, code, and links. Whatever works in SEO we're experts at it.

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Vancouver SEO Clients

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Typical SEO Services

Whether in Vancouver or another city, these are the main items we look at first.


Client Priorities

Competitive research
Align client goals with strategy
Keyword research
Collaborate on prioritization
Link + PR research
Use internal staff and established partners where possible
Content research
Reporting that speaks to the mission of the project

On-Page Optimization

Appeasing our robot overlords (Google).

Techncial SEO

Content SEO

Proactively finding opportunity in 90+ areas in the code
Continual A/B testing
Communicating all found technical improvements
Conversion rates by creative testing
Operationalizing fixes and improvements
Local messaging optimization
Keeping track of improvements and progress
Extension testing
Dedicated frequent bid optimization
Content writing

Off-Page SEO

Finding opportunities off of the site (Google really cares about this).

PR + Links

Local Signals

Competitive link research
Google My Business optimization
Link strategy and implementation
Citation building
PR campaigns
Citation corrections
Broken link tracking
Review strategy
SEO Services

Technical Vancouver SEO Campaigns

We run 1-time technical audits, but many of our projects are ongoing. We plan out SEO campaigns 3 months at a time, and guide our campaigns around market difficulty, ROI, and results. The process is:

  • Meet to understand needs and fit (Our office is in Gastown if you'd like to swing by)
  • Research (View our Keyword Research Vancouver page)
  • Work on the on-page, off-page, technical, and local SEO
  • Measure results
  • Plan for the next 3 month sprint
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Technical SEO Elements

The technical side of SEO can never be underestimated. We have seen entire websites get removed from Google, traffic get sliced in half, and everything in between.

Typical engagements for technical SEO projects are either a:

  • 1-time technical SEO audit
  • Ongoing technical audits and recommendations

Technical SEO FAQs

What do you audit?

We look at around 90 elements, but here's some very important factors: site speed, HTTPS / security, sitemap accuracy, robots.txt file, canonicals, redirect loops and chains, server errors, URL structure, image compression, browser caching, .js and css files, 404s, hreflang, nofollows, noindex, header responses.

Who Implements the changes?

We can use the current and internal developers, or can offer a solution to make the changes.

Do you do audits?

Yes, we offer 1-time technical SEO audits if required.

How much are the Technical Audits?

They're generally $2,500 - $5,000 depending on the size and complexity of the website.


SEO + Content

When competing for organic results, the best page wins. We are often hired for:

  • Content optimization
  • Competitive content research
  • Content gap analysis
  • Content planning + calendar
  • Content development
  • Content measurement
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