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We're a Google Partner and have developed an unbeatable and transparent PPC process for clients across Edmonton.

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Google Search Ads Management

We've been building and managing Google Search Ads campaigns (formerly Google Adwords) since 2006. We take pride in effectively managing:

  • Budget
  • Optimization
  • Competition beating strategies

PPC Agency in Edmonton - Our Services

We're where we start with Google Search Ads campaigns.

1) First Steps

2) New Accounts

Google Ads review and strategy
New Google Search Ads account build
Google Analytics analysis
Analytics configuration
Review of SEO and conversion data
Write ads to match queries
Ensure client has ownership permissions
Develop negative keyword list
Understand client's goals
Set bids
Match the account build with company goals
Set geographic targets

Ongoing PPC Services in Edmonton

Google Search Ads services for when the account is up and running.

3) Optimization

4) Creative

Proactive optimization
Continual A/B testing
Transparency and clarity of decisions and tasks
Conversion rates by creative testing
Ongoing technical analysis, Q/A error checking
Local messaging optimization
Ongoing keyword research
Extension testing
Dedicated and frequent bid optimization
Continuous ad writing
Persistent competitive research

Edmonton-Specific Campaigns

We've been working consistently in Edmonton since 2006. We've grown up in the area and still have an office and employees there. That equates to a local awareness of the factors that can impact a PPC advertising campaign. For example, we know:

  • The business community and its players
  • Location factors and proximity to other communities
  • Seasonal factors and how Edmontonians think
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Edmonton-Specific Tactics for Online Brands

When e-commerce companies require Google Search ads management services, there are still geographic factors to consider.

People want to shop closer to home when it's strictly an online experience. It's safer, more comfortable, and there might be more brand awareness closer to home. Ways to maximize these are with:

  • Local ad messaging in Google Ads
  • Local extensions in Google Ads
  • Enhanced bids in locations where conversion rates are higher

Typical PPC campaigns and scenarios

  • Proactive optimization and communication are often the reason we're hired.

  • Healthcare services pay per click campaigns can be nuanced, which is something we have a lot of experience with.

  • E-commerce PPC campaigns are common as Edmonton fights above its weight class for representing E-commerce businesses

  • B2B PPC campaigns. Lead generation and Enterprise level conversion campaigns are unique and handled with care as the cost per clicks on these are generally quite competitive.


Digital Marketing Campaigns

PPC campaigns aren’t the only factor for success. The Google Search Ads campaign must be aligned with the SEO efforts, e-commerce strategy, and built with each landing page in mind.

Aside from Google Search PPC campaigns, we also offer:

  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • SEO services
  • Social media marketing campaigns

Things we do not offer:

  • Website design
  • E-mail marketing
  • Website development

PPC Campaign Length

These are the most common engagements with The Status Bureau.

1 Month: PPC Audit

Some of the time a Google Search Ads account requires an expert eye. The Status Bureau can provide audits and insights and pass the to-do's to an internal team.

3 Months: Starter Campaign

A 3 month campaign is a great amount of time to get in the groove of optimization, reporting, and meetings.

6 Months

Most campaigns we run are over 6 months. Once we establish a reliable pattern of generating results it's easier to plan 6 months at a time.



Choosing the correct tactic for what you need.

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Advantages to PPC

Speed. PPC is a great way to get your message in front of an audience quickly without waiting for organic tactics such as SEO or content marketing. Organic rankings can take months and Google Search ads can take hours.

Cost. Depending on the cost per click and competition levels, PPC can be cheaper than SEO.  PPC can also be cheaper than traditional advertising methods by finding the specific audiences you're looking to reach.

Testing. PPC allows you to test different messages before committing to long term strategies.

Targeting. With PPC you can target by location, language, device, and time of day to ensure that your message reaches the right people at the right time.

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Disadvantages to PPC

Cost. The main disadvantage of PPC marketing is that it can be expensive. Accounts not managed correctly or forced to spend in competitive markets may result in a bad return on investment.

Scalability. The ceiling is only as high as your budget. More clicks mean more cost, which is not the case with organic SEO traffic. Organic allows for exponential traffic which is music to anyone's ears.

Post Click

The Key to ROI-Positive PPC Campaigns

The superpower of PPC campaigns.


Measuring PPC Success with Google Analytics 4

Measuring your post-click data is the key to a successful campaign. Unlike SEO, you’re paying for each click, so knowing the data of what you've paid for is crucial. Configuring conversion events in Google Analytics 4 is the first step to knowing your ROI.

It’s easy to link Search Ads and GA4 (Google Analytics 4), and there is a step-by-step guide here: [GA4] Link Google Ads and Analytics.

The new-ish Google Analytics has Attribution, Conversion Paths, and Model Comparison are built in, which is an effortless way to start measuring paid traffic.

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