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Our SEO Services

Here’s a list of the basic SEO services and descriptions that we typically begin with when conducting an overview look for a partner or client website.

Basic SEO Services:

  • Technical SEO audit – a document outlining what needs to be done through a technical / code lens in order to drive better SEO results.
  • Content SEO audit – a document showing what types of content you need to produce, or can expand on in order to get more organic traffic.
  • SEO consulting – being a trusted partner that can continually communicate to in-house teams clear direction on changes to get more traffic from Google.
  • Keyword research – examining the keywords that people type in Google to find your products or services.
  • On-page optimization – optimizing the code and visible elements on the page to better align with the keywords people use.
  • Title tag optimization – optimizing the <tag> elements on the page such as h1, h2, meta description and title.

Technical SEO Services

Here’s a list of our more technically-oriented Search Engine Optimization services that deal more with code and behind the scenes elements.

Technical SEO Services:

  • Speed optimization – analyzing and improving the website loading speed as Google punishes slower loading websites.
  • Robots.txt analysis – a file that tells search engines how to crawl your website.
  • Server responses
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Duplicate content – we identify and organize any possible confusing duplicate pages or content to better present the accurate version to rank on Google
  • TLDs, subdomain analysis – setting up the best possible scenario for your URL addresses
  • Hreflang issues – the declaration of language and region can direct search engines and people in the wrong direction
  • File size optimization – showing which files are exactly slowing down the site
  • Redirect (301, 302, chains) analysis – examining whether there are bad redirects preventing Google from showing the site
  • Canonicalization – knowing whether there are technically two or more versions of your site or pages published
  • Non-secure and secure issues – providing guidance on having the strongest version of your site active
  • Rich snippets formatting and optimization
  • Speed analysis and optimization
technical seo services
off page seo services

Off-Page SEO Services

Off-page Search Engine Optimization speaks to optimization elements which are not present on your domain. Google relies on many factors off of websites, so they must be examined and optimized in order for a website to see beneficial results.

Off-page SEO Services:

  • Linkbuilding
  • Link analysis
  • Broken link checks
  • Document links
  • Content marketing
  • Directory submissions
  • PR analysis and consultant
  • Assistance to a PR strategy
  • Old or discountinued domains
  • NAP consistency

Local SEO Services

Google is very local and relies on elements within a neighbourhood or city to tell them what should be ranked highest.

Local SEO Services:

  • Local SEO
  • Local listings management
  • Local signal building
  • Local directory submissions
  • Google My Business setup and optimization
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seo services competition

Competitive SEO Services

SEO is all about beating the competition. Google results are a linear list of resources, so climbing over competitors is a key theme to our work.

Competitive SEO services:

  • Competitive research
  • Competitive keyword research
  • Competitive top content analysis
  • Competitive link analysis

Our SEO Process

Research & Data

Data drives our process, not guesses. We're transparent about where our data comes from and how it anchors our campaigns.


Google algorithms change daily, but the fundamentals of Search have not. We couple new techniques with proven methods in each campaign.
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In working with TELUS on their SEO, we helped uncover new opportunities in niche marketplaces.
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SEO for Tourism Jasper
In the first year of working with Tourism Jasper we increased organic traffic by 544%.
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SEO in Vancouver, BC

SEO Vancouver

We run SEO campaigns out of our Gastown / Crosstown neighbourhood office. We are a part of the Vancouver SEO community in that we sponsor SEO and related events, attend SEO meetups and regularly talk shop with other SEO agency providers, agencies and freelancers.


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Technical SEO

SEO Vancouver

Google wants to show the best websites to their users, and the reason they have market dominance. They have been better at showing higher quality results to their users. This is at the root of our SEO work. We know what Google wants to see from websites, so we work diligently to match our client’s websites up with their preferences.

A few examples of what it takes to rank better on Google:

  • Increasing site speed
  • Increasing relevancy of content
  • Optimizing for mobile use

These are big picture reasons Google will prefer a website over another, but there are 100’s of factors in SEO. Some can slow down a ranking by a little and some can put rocket boosters on a ranking.

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SEO services

SEO audits

A one time project that identifies opportunities and ways to improve traffic to your site.

On-page optimization

We research, identify and fix technical SEO issues.


Our SEO approach is to focus on growing visibility in organic search engine results.

Content Marketing

We help organize, measure, and produce content to move your bottom line.

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