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We have deep experience providing Search Engine Optimization services specialized for Fashion brands. Our SEO focuses on brand impact, Ecommerce sales, and in-store visits.

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SEO for Fashion

SEO for Apparel

If you run a fashion Ecommerce business,  you know how important it is to be visible online. Not just Instagram, and Facebook, but when people are googling your brand name and product type.

That’s why having a strong presence on Google is crucial for any fashion or apparel brand.

SEO for Fashion

SEO Services

Our SEO services for fashion brands have been built up over years of experience. We know what's important to Ecommerce sales and the process of growth:

  • Protecting the brand
  • Balancing paid and organic
  • Enhancing SEO without sacrificing the brand
  • Keyword + competitive research
  • On-page optimization
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SEO for Fashion

Why SEO for Fashion?

Search Engine Optimization is crucial in any industry, and the fashion sector is no exception. In the highly competitive and visually-driven world of fashion, implementing effective SEO strategies is particularly important for several reasons:

1) Visibility
2) Brand protection
3) Brand credibility and trust
4) Product discovery
5) Revenue
6) In-store visits

SEO for Fashion


Which brand doesn't want to be seen?

The fashion industry has seemingly infinite retail and brand competition. Ecommerce-only, retail locations, designers, and publications are competing for attention. SEO helps enhance the online visibility of fashion websites, making it easier for potential customers to discover them through Google. Higher visibility leads to increased website traffic, essential for brand exposure and potential sales.

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SEO for Fashion

Brand Protection

Brand protection in Google results is essential for several reasons, as it directly influences a company's online reputation, customer trust, and overall business success.

Google is often the first touchpoint for potential customers searching for information about a brand. The search results page serves as a virtual storefront, and users will likely to form initial impressions based on what they see. Effective brand protection ensures that the first page of search results accurately reflects the brand's identity, values, and products.

SEO for Fashion

Brand Credibility + Trust

Users often perceive websites that appear first on search results as more credible and trustworthy. By implementing SEO best practices, fashion brands can enhance their online reputation and build trust with potential customers, ultimately increasing the likelihood of converting website visitors into loyal customers.

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SEO for Fashion

Product Discovery

SEO allows fashion brands to optimize their product pages and categories for relevant keywords. When consumers search for specific products, well-optimized pages are more likely to appear in search results, improving the chances of customers discovering and exploring the brand's products.

SEO for Fashion


This is why we're here. Ecommerce and in-store sales are the result of great products and great marketing.

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SEO for Fashion

In-Store Visits

Retailers will always continue to rely on the revenue of their brick and mortar locations. SEO helps by showing local map and store location results to those looking.