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Google Ads (previously Google Adwords) is a an auction, and most of that time a competitive one. We are a Google Ads management company in Vancouver, Canada, with a decade of experience beating competitors by thoroughly optimizing the account towards the end goal. We know quality score, we know bids, we know conversion rates.

Adwords services

In addition to building and optimizing PPC search campaigns, we are also experts in:

  • Google Shopping
  • Pay Per Call
  • Bing Ads management

Importance of PPC

Search Presence

We put our clients in the best possible scenario to succeed.

On the Google results pages, sometimes strong SEO is unobtainable or simply not enough. Over time the Google search ads have been taking up more and more real estate which means brands need to consider what that means for their ability to get seen and get traffic. We help guide our clients through the process of strategic Google Ads placement in coordination with organic search and competition factors – not just putting ads up there for the sake of it.

The Secret

Having the best possible Quality Score has always been the hallmark of a winning campaign. Strong keyword-to-ad relationships, strong creative, and strong landing pages all make up a winning recipe. That's where our time is spent on PPC campaigns – building a strategy that works for the user and client.
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Client love for our PPC work

“They have done a great job with my marketing campaigns over the years. Easy to work with and very personable.”

Leigh Abra
Leigh Abra

“The folks at The Status Bureau were so helpful and kind while were were getting our search marketing campaigns up. I’d definitely recommend chatting with them. ”

Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz

“We partner regularly with The Status Bureau to handle digital marketing campaigns for our clients. Not only do they deliver but they are also really pleasant to work with and generous with their knowledge.”

Francis Pilon
Francis Pilon

“Josh and his team at The Status Bureau do great work. We have partnered up with them to help launch our business to the next level and also to help with our clients’ SEO / digital marketing needs.”

Peter Butler
Peter Butler

“Josh and his team created a wonderful workshop on SEO for our organization. It was practical and customized to the needs of our company. They were willing to answer any questions and followed up with us to ensure we have an actionable plan. It was a great experience.”

Cecilia Ho
Cecilia Ho
PPC for Pizza 73
We ran Pizza 73's PPC campaign for over a decade, resulting in market dominance.
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PPC for Centric Health
Our search marketing work for the Vancouver Healthcare organization lowered the cost per conversion, while leading to a surge in total conversions.
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Types of Search PPC projects.

Existing Google Search Ads account.

The Google Search Ads account exists, but requires a digital marketing agency to jump in and start getting results. We will jump in with some research, review historical data, and start decreasing the cost per click while increasing the leads / sales / results.

More specifically, we will:

  • Review all historical data
  • Perform a technical audit (conversion accuracy, implementation)
  • Look at the performance results (pay per click, conversion)
  • Look for opportunities with from unpaid search engine traffic

New Google Search ads account.

Theres no paid search account yet, we’re starting fresh. The first step is to learn the end users search patterns and how the website is built in order to organize the account for long term success.

More specifically, we will:

  • Get to know the brand and its goals
  • Know how the company speaks (on social media, LinkedIn)
  • Build the structure (bids, geographic targeting, keywords, etc, etc,)
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Types of Search PPC clients.


We’ve been in business since 2006 so we’ve tackled a lot of categories. Outside of the simply saying we do B2B lead generation and B2C sales, more specifically we’ve had a lot of experience in these industries:

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