Sam Hammoud

SEO Expert

I'm good at it and I'm knowledgeable about the industry. I like seeing improvements on sites and positive impacts in the stats. I like seeing positive trends in Analytics. It's enjoyable to do. It's a combination of art and science. I started doing SEO around 2008. My first job in SEO was link building. I'm best at technical analysis as I have a background in web design and a bit of web development.

Enjoys hanging out with family and going on walks around the neighborhood. In the last year has gotten into Korean dramas and also going through his first watch-through of the Star Trek series starting from Next-Generation, Deep Space 9, and Voyager.

Talk to me about...

Technical SEO

Audits, optimization, site speed, core web vitals, error checking, off-site errors.

Analytical Thinking

Building a narrative from the data. Troubleshooting why traffic isn't where it's supposed to be and thinking through the solutions.

Time Management

Getting things delivered on time feels pretty fantastic.