Josh Loewen

Co-Founder + Strategist

Hey, I'm Josh. I helped co-found the company in 2006. After launching a handful of successful projects in 2004, I quickly realized how businesses could benefit from the same techniques. I've been cracking away at expert level SEO projects ever since. The things that make me good at SEO are also the things that make me good at other facets of digital marketing. Curiosity, competitive spirit and elbow grease are still the main ingredients.

I live in Vancouver with my family and the office is in Gastown. For kicks, I'm into the public's access to information, skateboarding, comedy, film, design, art.

Talk to me about...

Technical SEO

This is my jam. You may need to stop me from talking about it.

Competitive Analysis

I'm fascinated by how others have succeeded. It's often a very quick way to get a rock solid plan together.


How organizations and agencies work together to succeed. Full steam ahead!