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August 10, 2023

Hilarious Google Searches from the U.S. About Canada

Hilarious Google Searches from the U.S. About Canada

We research what people google, and stumbled onto a trove of data feeding the long standing joke about how little Americans know about Canada.

Below are some of the funniest Google searches, and how often they are searched per month.

“Where is Canada”

Googled 2,100 times per month in the U.S.

You guys...we’re right on top! A shout out to "what continent is canada in", which is googled 1,100 times per month.

“Are Forks Illegal in Canada”

Googled 3,500 times per month

This originated from a this viral TikTok video claiming that forks are illegal in Canada

“What Side of the Road do Canadians Drive on”

Googled 250 times per month in the U.S.

It's the right hand side of the road unless I've been doing it wrong.

“When do Canadians Celebrate Christmas”

Googled 40 times per month in the U.S.

Jesus was born on December 25th, but we’ll check the date on that and get back to you.

“Canada Time”

Googled 27,000 times per month

There are six different time zones in Canada, so thinking that we’d all be on the same time zone is pretty funny. It could be that “Canada Time” is when someone goes bezerker mode on some maple syrup. Hard to tell.

“How do Canadians Say Sorry”

Googled 150 times per month in the U.S..

With our mouths?

“Is Canada a Country”

Googled 6,300 times per month

Last time I checked, yes.

“What do Canadians Call Bacon”

Googled 90 times per month

We call bacon bacon. And Canadian bacon bacon.

“Where Do Canadians Live”

Googled 60 times per month

Mainly in Canada.

“How do Canadians Say Hello”

Googled 90 times per month

Again – with our mouths.

“President of Canada”

Googled 7,100 times per month

Canada has a Prime Minister, so this is pretty great. It has a very American ring to it.

Josh Loewen

Josh co-founded The Status Bureau in 2006, and has a deep interest in competitive research and SEO. You can find him between Main Street and Gastown in Vancouver hacking away on a laptop, watching soccer, skateboarding, but probably just doing dad stuff.

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