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We're a Google Partner and have developed unbeatable and transparent PPC process for clients across the GTA.


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PPC Services in Toronto

Here are some of the most typical areas of building, implementing, and optimizing an Google Search Ads account.

1) First Steps

2) New Accounts

Google Ads review and strategy
New Google Search Ads account build
Google Analytics analysis
Analytics configuration
Review of SEO and conversion data
Write ads to match brand and searches
Ensure client has ownership permissions
Develop negative keyword list
Understand client's goals
Develop negative keyword list
Ensure client has ownership permissions
Develop negative keyword list

Ongoing PPC Services in Toronto

Google Search Ads services for when the account is up and running.

3) Optimization

4) Creative

Proactive optimization
Continual A/B testing
Transparency and clarity of decisions and tasks
Conversion rates by creative testing
Ongoing technical analysis + Q/A error checking
Local messaging optimization
Ongoing keyword research
Extension testing
Dedicated frequent bid optimization
Content writing
Persistent competitive research


Here’s a list of the basic SEO services and descriptions that we typically consider when building a strategy to help you meet your goals.

The areas of SEO that we work on are:



Our technical SEO takes into account the code, speed, and around 100 factors that impact how search engines read your site.

Our process starts with an audit, then we communicate the changes required, then work with an in-house dev or our developer to get everything fixed.

For an outline on what we focus on, check out  our blog post:
SEO 101: What is it and how does it work?

Code SEO

Some specifics we tackle in our technical SEO work.

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  • Site speed. It is critical  your website loads quickly. We'll examine what can be done to help speed it up.

  • Indexing issues. Some code can't be seen by Google or is ignored. We've got a common indexing issue checklist we'll use on your site.

  • Markup. Google prefers to see content that is marked up using best practices. Our audit will identify any gaps.

  • Errors. There may be unknown errors occurring which prevents Google from trusting the site and its content.


Content SEO

We will examine the competition's content and see what's required in order to rank your website higher for important keywords. We can either help you generate the content (writing, graphics, videos, documents) or you can craft these resources in-house.

What's on your page matters. The amount of content, its quality, and how it is formatted are all factors that Google will use to evaluate how your site ranks.

Generating content

Content is still king.

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  • Writing quality. If you can explain the keyword topic better than your competition, your site will perform better.

  • Content length. Google prefers in-depth answers. Sometimes brief is not better.

  • Competitive content. What content is outranking yours and why? We'll build a list and a strategy to execute.

  • Localized content. If you're hoping to rank well near your business, is your content tuned to capture local searches?

  • Content structure. Is your content marked up and structured on your site in a logical way that supports its topics? Everything should work together.


Local SEO

If you've ever googled "mexican restaurant" or "dentist" you'll know that Google shows you local businesses first. This is helpful for the user to show important businesses in their area.

We use SEO tactics to specifically focus on Local SEO where necessary. If ranking globally doesn't make sense then why put emphasis on it?

Buy local

When organic rankings in your city or neighbourhood matter most.

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  • Google My Business. Your Google My Business account needs to be active and optimized. We'll help get it there.

  • Local signals. What are other websites are telling Google about your business? Let's get the right signals for your business.

  • Localized content. Tell Google and local folks where you are and what you do.


Offsite SEO

Google values what is off of your site as well. Links from other websites to yours are an important and easy to understand trust factor for Google.

How do we build links? We have developed a process over the years that can help develop links in the short and long term.  It takes work to build links, but we have a process and a team of experts.

Building offsite

Google will always value what is off of your site.

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  • Links. It's the cornerstone of offsite SEO, but be careful – bad links are worse than none.

  • Mentions. When your brand and site are mentioned, that's a plus.

  • Directories. If there are obvious places for your business to be listed, we'll find them and get you on the right lists.

SEO Serivces

Campaign Length

What is it like working with the Status Bureau?  We have 3 typical engagements, explore what to expect.

1 Month: Audits

If you need an examination to understand what's wrong or how to improve, we can tackle that. Our audits take less than a month and its kept as a short engagement. We'll conduct research, bring back a clear report with some paths forward. If you like what you see we can continue, or you can tackle the strategy with your in-house team.

3 Months: short run campaigns

Often times clients will require a short campaign to get their site back on track after a redesign or simply to ensure everything is running smoothly. We can book a 90 day campaign that'll have you confident in your site's code and content.

Growth: long term campaigns

Where there's clear opportunities, Marketing Managers that want growth know SEO is part of the daily operations of a successful business. We'll set up our process to meet the needs of each organic growth program.


We're proud of our work with our partners, and they have lovely things to say about the experience.

"My go-to resource for SEO services.  Best I've found in North America!"
Eva Dilmanian
PR Specialist, NYC
"Josh and the team are super insightful and all round fun/great people."
Rachel Gertz
Business Owner, Vancouver
"They've been a game changer for our new startup with regards to the SEO and content strategy. I can't reccomend them enough."
JP Holecka
Agency Owner, Vancouver