What People Google About Seattle

What People Google About Seattle

We did some research on Seattle’s keywords. The top 10 list below isn’t surprising. In almost every major North American city you’ll see Craigslist, weather, sports, news and hotels as the top 10 most searched for keywords.

Keyword Searched for Per Month in US
craigslist seattle 1,830,000
seattle weather 1,000,000
seattle seahawks 823,000
seattle 450,000
seattle mariners 450,000
seattle times 450,000
seattle hotels 246,000
seattle sounders 90,500
things to do in seattle 90,500
seattle news 74,000

Where People Are Looking From

Most Seattle searches come from the state of Washington. One would assume that there’d be a concentration of Seattle searches in Oregon or Idaho, but that might not be the case.

In Canada, a majority of the Seattle searches come out of British Columbia and the West Coast, which makes a lot of sense.

Top Sports Teams Searches in Seattle

For sports, it looks like the Seahawks searches completely eclipse other teams. The Seattle Supersonics are still getting searches despite leaving Seattle in 2008.

Sports Keywords Searched for Per Month in US
seattle seahawks 5,594,200
seattle mariners 680,240
seattle sounders 114,250
seattle supersonics 50,310

Top Local News Outlet Searches in Seattle

For dailies, The Seattle Times beats everyone else by a long shot.

News Keywords Searched for Per Month in US
seattle times 573,810
the stranger 67,000
seattle pi 68,960
west seattle blog 52,600

Top Tourism Searches in Seattle

If you do any travel / tourism digital marketing, you’ll know that the keyword “things to do in cityname” is always going to be #1. We’ve excluded that category and pulled out the top attractions people search for in Seattle.

Keyword Searched for Per Month in US
pike place 194,850
seattle art museum 70,020
seattle space needle 60,040
seattle aquarium 58,310
seattle underground tour 28,130

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