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The Most Important Factor in Email Marketing

I’ve never regarded the From field as the most important field in email marketing until I received an email from someone named Newsletter:

I instinctively wanted to delete it because it looked like spam and/or it’s irrelevant.

You have to work hard to get newsletters relevant enough to be “openable.” We use tools to preview subject lines, data to support send time, A/B tests and a heap of other stuff. It’s a lot of work, but a 5% – 10% increase in open or click rates can make a gigantic jump in a large email list. This is all for nothing if your From field isn’t filled out properly. If the From field is odd or generic, it renders every other field useless of irrelevant, like the title.

email marketing subject line

Who has a new name? I can imagine their open rate is much lower than it needs to be because of this small but crucial step.

SUPER OBVIOUS BUT IMPORTANT TIP OF THE DAY: Ensure the From field is your organization’s name so your audience knows who it’s from.

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