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Social Media Marketing

Advertising Across Social

We run campaigns across social platforms to connect you with customers who are looking for your product or services. Today we can provide you with targeted, relevant user groups who are looking for the very thing you specialize in.

Posting Across Social

Managing a campaign, spend rates and retargeting towards similar audiences is what we do well. We can identify which channels you should invest in, where you'll get the best response and provide insight into where you're getting top engagement across all social channels.

Social Media Services

Content Calendar

We'll coordinate with your team to create a schedule for what content gets posted to each of your social media channels, or we'll backstop your team and identify where you'll need content created, how to amplify content you've already posted, and when to repost key content elements that are getting high traction in your networks.

Managing Ads

We have ran countless campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, amongst others. Let us set up your first social ad or increase your existing campaign performance.
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Client love for our Social Media Marketing work

“They have done a great job with my marketing campaigns over the years. Easy to work with and very personable.”

Leigh Abra
Leigh Abra

“The Status Bureau helped me navigate some really challenging search marketing campaigns. They were extremely responsive to my requests and I’m grateful they were around.”

Meryl Kaye De Leon
Meryl Kaye De Leon

“The folks at The Status Bureau were so helpful and kind while were were getting our search marketing campaigns up. I’d definitely recommend chatting with them. ”

Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz

“We partner regularly with The Status Bureau to handle digital marketing campaigns for our clients. Not only do they deliver but they are also really pleasant to work with and generous with their knowledge.”

Francis Pilon
Francis Pilon

“Josh and his team at The Status Bureau do great work. We have partnered up with them to help launch our business to the next level and also to help with our clients’ SEO / digital marketing needs.”

Peter Butler
Peter Butler

“Josh and his team created a wonderful workshop on SEO for our organization. It was practical and customized to the needs of our company. They were willing to answer any questions and followed up with us to ensure we have an actionable plan. It was a great experience.”

Cecilia Ho
Cecilia Ho
Social Media Marketing for EPCOR
EPCOR needed to inform the public on important messages about their water and power. We optimized, tested and made the most of their budget.
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Social Media Marketing for Osoyoos Cottages
The internal team at Osoyoos Cottages are great with organic content, so they rely on us to run effective advertising campaigns across social media networks.
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Other Social Media services


We run successful advertising campaigns on Facebook, a platform that rewards quality.


Twitter is home of taskemakers, and those that aren't on other networks.


Getting seen, followed and liked on the major network for awareness.


It is the internet's second biggest search engine, and a social network with a massive reach.

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