Search Engine Optimization

Analytics & Analysis

How is your online channel performing? Working in Analytics since 2004, we have analyzed site performance for hundreds of properties.

Google Analytics

Our staff is Google Analytics certified. All of our campaigns contain an element of measurement and insight, but many of our clients rely on us just for measurement. Common analytics tasks include:

  • Setup and configuration
  • Error checking
  • Filtering internal traffic
  • Filtering referral spam
  • 404 alerts / traffic alerts
  • Writing regular expressions (regex)
  • Custom dashboards
  • Weekly and monthly reporting

Custom Analytics Dashboards

We develop and schedule custom dashboards for our clients using Google Analytics and third-party platforms which can allow easy to access and understand stats.


Actionable Insights

The most important facet of our analytics work is ensuring it is built in a way that you can use the information. The first part is reporting numbers, the second part is building a narrative which can allow people to make smart business decisions.


Youtube & Video Analytics

How do you measure the success of a video campaign? What are the benchmarks and metrics to achieve? Our extensive experience with video analytics allows us to answer those questions.


Social Media Analytics

Measuring social channels can be difficult. What is the ROI of a social media campaign? How much are likes actually worth? What benchmarks should we be trying to hit? What tactics provide the most value and why? We can answer that.