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SEO Factor: Bounce Rate & Dwell Time

SEO Factor: Bounce Rate & Dwell Time

If you’ve ever wondered if bounce rate is a factor in SEO, we can say yes. Definitely.

In the tweet below, we can see confirmation of “dwell time” and “quickbounce” as SEO factors.

What is Dwell Time?

Dwell time is simply the amount of time someone spent on your page.

Bounce Rates

So it turns out that bounce rate doesn’t matter that much, and that average time on page does.

Bounce Rate as a blanket number doesn’t work. Many blog posts do a great job of answering a question. What’s the weather tomorrow? Click on the weather website and then close the page. That’ll look like bounce rate in Google Analytics and a negative hit. But it’s not. It’s a positive. You’ve answered the user’s question and that’s what Google is all about. Making a better internet with results that can answer questions succinctly and accurately.

The Takeaway

Everyone should be factoring in average time spent per page as an SEO factor.