Reddit Vancouver: Best of 2019

Reddit Vancouver: Best of 2019

We’re all Redditors here at The Status Bureau. We love it, and it’s a great place for marketing if it’s done correctly. I mean, the Vancouver subreddit has 157,000 members so that’s that worth consideration.

It’s also a brutally honest and open conversation, so brands beware.

Here’s our top 10 picks from the last year on Vancouver’s subreddit.

1) Duck Shoes

reddit vancouver duck shoes

There’s a lady in town that puts shoes on her duck. Original video on Reddit.

2) Transit Strike Fashion

reddit vancouver transit strike fashion

As the transit strike first kicked off in November, the union employees began refusing to wear uniforms. This truly worked out for everyone.

3) Worst Cab Ride Ever

The Reddit user NoMoreSecretsIsMyPwd tracked their cab ride that was only seven blocks away. Original post on Reddit

4) Dog Orca

Photo of the year in Vancouver, no question. Instagram user kferls posted this which made its way everywhere, including Reddit. Original Reddit post

5) Great day at work

A dashcam caught this guy living life. Maybe it stopped raining for twenty minutes. Original post on Reddit

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