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Programmatic & Display Advertising

What is Programmatic?

Programmatic advertising is real time bidding (RTB) advertising that uses a live auction and performance metrics to deliver ads.

Better Impressions

Smarter advertising requires smarter platforms. We only choose delivery methods of programmatic advertising that allows for quick start / stops and world class targeting methods.

Your Audience

Brand Awareness

Programmatic, RTB and banner advertising is all about building trust. If the organization is new, or requires a lift in conversion rates and trust, this might be the marketing exercise to try.

Video, Mobile, Desktop

Modern online advertising is all about delivering a multi-device experience. No longer do people run ads on the desktop and hope to make an impact
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Client love for our online advertising

“They have done a great job with my marketing campaigns over the years. Easy to work with and very personable.”

Leigh Abra
Leigh Abra

“The folks at The Status Bureau were so helpful and kind while were were getting our search marketing campaigns up. I’d definitely recommend chatting with them. ”

Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz

“We partner regularly with The Status Bureau to handle digital marketing campaigns for our clients. Not only do they deliver but they are also really pleasant to work with and generous with their knowledge.”

Francis Pilon
Francis Pilon

“Josh and his team at The Status Bureau do great work. We have partnered up with them to help launch our business to the next level and also to help with our clients’ SEO / digital marketing needs.”

Peter Butler
Peter Butler

“Josh and his team created a wonderful workshop on SEO for our organization. It was practical and customized to the needs of our company. They were willing to answer any questions and followed up with us to ensure we have an actionable plan. It was a great experience.”

Cecilia Ho
Cecilia Ho

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