our process creates better connections

The Plan.

We improve Marketing's bottom line through strategy, hard work & smart execution.


We study your company history and culture, and become part of your marketing team. Through audience investigation and behavioural research, we craft a marketing plan based on analytics, analysis and research.


Through in depth research and media planning, The Status Bureau devises a marketing action plan, which continues to develop through the Discovery phase. This explains what goals we have in place, and how our campaign will succeed.


Once project stakeholders have approved the strategy, we hit the ground running. The campaign is launched, and closely monitored for success, to ensure maximum results for clients.


Our team digests the data, and delivers ROI-based updates. We provide analysis that is easy to understand and take action on, for maximum transparency. Our reporting is created to make sense, and most importantly, provide a roadmap for future improvement.

"Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so."
- Galileo Galilei


We begin the process of developing and renewing strategy, according to campaign results. We revitalize your campaign, based on pinpointed areas of optimization, in order to create a highly effective campaign. This creates an environment of higher ROI, and improved client experience.



We keep momentum going, by using the best performing elements of the campaign. This restructuring results in a lean, sharp marketing effort. Allowing optimized elements to dominate the campaign lowers cost per conversion, and improves the bottom line.


We document strength and improvement points, in order to prepare for your next campaign, that is, after we all celebrate with a few craft beers.