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15 years in business and 100’s of Google Search Ads campaigns has provided us with a reliable process and the experience to know which levers to pull. Our PPC work is generally focused on collaboration, Quality Score, and the ROI of conversions.

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PPC is all about the data.

PPC Metrics

Google Search Ads have a million data checkpoints to monitor and improve upon. We pride ourselves in knowing what to check, how often, and which take priority.

PPC Measurement

Our PPC reporting is all about what the client needs, not what the ad platform says is going well. What are the business requirements and key drivers? That’s what we focus on.

Pairs well with Organic.

Looking at your PPC data in a vacuum is silly. Both paid and organic results should be combined to understand the measurement and effect of how they play together.

Why Measure SEO with Paid?

If Organic is covering off the high volume and less profitable keywords, why pay for them? With effective keyword research and examining the interplay between PPC and Organic, we’re able to make stronger recommendations and save the budget for higher priority tactics.

Should You Pay for Branded Keywords?

A very common debate. The philosophy of paying when you don’t have to isn’t recommended, you’ll have to dig out data to support either case. Some branded terms are inexpensive, some are not. Some competitors will bid on your brand name, others won’t. Make the answer obvious with some decent PPC keyword research and testing!

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PPC management.

Daily check-ins

You can feel assured that our team is looking at your pricing, conversions, opportunities, and competitor movements. The reason organizations outsource their PPC campaigns is often for a ton of daily ad management and optimization. We’re on it!


Whatever you need to see, is what you’ll see in our reports. We build custom dashboard and reports for our Google PPC campaigns in order to show what matters to our partners.

What we do

PPC Services

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Account Builds

  • Keyword research
  • Market research
  • Account structure strategy
  • Ad writing
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Account Optimization

  • Content gap analysis
  • Content audit
  • Competitive content research
  • Turnkey copywriting services
  • Content calendars
  • Content measurement
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Account Management

  • Competitive link insights
  • Ethical linkbuilding
  • Link error checks
  • Disavows
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Campaign Types

  • Search
  • Google Shopping
  • Retargeting
  • Call-only
  • Mobile-only
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PPC Networks

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Social PPC campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter)
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PPC Reports

  • Google Data Studio
  • Custom decks / PDFs
  • Automated daily updates
  • Custom weekly reports
  • Custom monthly reports
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Who We Are

The PPC Team

We’re good at what we do and have been tackling PPC projects since 2006. We’re not bad to chat with either. More about The Status Bureau.

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Our Partners

Featured Clients in Toronto

pizza pizza marketing


Headquartered in Etobicoke, Pizza Pizza has been our client since 2006.

livestock deadstock

Ecommerce SEO

The extremely popular online retailer has two locations in Toronto and is boasting a strong presence on Google across Canada.

healthcare seo sem


A network of healthcare facilities in Toronto and across Canada got The Status Bureau to help build better organic and paid results.

black goat cashmere

Ecommerce SEO

Building more sales and traffic for the well known cashmere clothing retailer.

telus search marketing

SEO Research + Strategy

Research and strategy for the tech and telecom brand.

PPC Projects

Campaigns Types

What we do

Here are some of the types of Google Search Ads campaigns we’ve run in the past that we’re great at. If you can’t find something on the list, contact us and we’ll see if we can talk to your campaign type.

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B2C PPC is the most well-known type of campaign to run on Google. There’s generally a lot of search volume and competition. The tricks are to:

  1. Keep the Quality Score high
  2. Keep the cost per conversion low
  3. Ensure the budget is spent wisely


The campaigns we run on Google Search Ads for B2B clients are generally focused on leads, downloads, or starting the sales process. Either way, the marketing campaigns and reporting are set up to generate and measure conversions because the bottom line is what any organization focuses on.

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Ecommerce PPC

The PPC campaigns we run on Google for Ecommerce are all about the ROI. Google Analytics makes it very easy to track ad costs and revenue generated. The strategy the Ecommerce is always about getting the lowest cost per click and keeping an eye on that Lifetime Customer Value metric.

Enterprise PPC

Larger organizations need the same things as smaller ones – good ROI and effective ad management. The difference with Enterprise is that the campaigns can be larger, or the sales cycle can be longer. Both of these are things we have over a decade of experience with.

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seo audit

PPC Audits

Need a set of fresh eyes on your PPC campaign? We’re happy to jump in and run a one-time analysis of a campaign. There are common places to look for opportunity, and dozens of places to improve upon.

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