Online Revealed 2014

We attended the Online Revealed online tourism marketing conference this year in Toronto, and it was great to spend a few days focusing solely on Tourism & Hospitality Marketing. The power and authority of some of the presenters made it a memorable trip, with some standout moments.

Keynote: Jon Montgomery

Olympic gold medalist and Keynote Speaker, Jon Montgomery, was incredible to listen to. He told the story of his journey, from a kid who had no idea what he wanted to do, to competing in the Olympics and representing his country for being among the very best at what he did.      

Reputation Management

It was great to hear from Andrew Weins of TripAdvisor on just how they came to be as popular as they are, and the principles of leveraging their platform. Their success relies on the participation of travellers worldwide, and it’s a perfect case to make for the importance of reputation management.

The key message: get involved. If you’re a destination or a hotel or a restaurant, staying quiet has an incredible number of disadvantages. Reviews are common in every industry for any product or service these days. It’s an everyday part of being a consumer in today’s marketplace, but in the travel sector those who are successful take them seriously.


Online Advertising

The other major takeaway from this conference was a sizeable shift in online advertising focus. It’s not just data analysts or SEM experts who are paying attention to attribution models. Attribution report modelling has made it’s way into mainstream digital marketing culture. Deepraj Sen from Google Adwords presented on the subject, and it was fascinating to see his methods.

It hit home that people are now using attribution report modelling regularly, and is something that affects the bottom line for every online advertiser. Here’s an article from Google on attribution, which states marketers should be taking a deeper look at conversions.

Overall, Online Revealed 2014 was a great experience on how we can leverage SEO techniques within the Destination Marketing world.

See you again next year.

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