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Our market research combines primary and secondary data to understand people's opinions and choices. It is heavily weighted to online behaviour and actions.

Research for Marketing

If your marketing plans need data, we can get it. We help companies large and small find the numbers to back numbers-based strategies.

Insights You Can Use

Online market research

Who are your competitors, what do your customers want most, and what are the emerging trends you're not yet aware of? If you have all these answers, you don't need us. However, if any of those questions interest you, we can provide you a targeted, meaningful report that gives you insight, knowledge and an advantage on your competition. You'll know who they are, and where they're going.


You need information that's relevant to you, that's timely and within your budget. We tailor our research and our packages to fit your needs. We're not looking to produce reams of useless reporting, we're looking to provide you useful information for smart decisions about today and your future.
market research vancouver
Destination Canada
We stepped in to measure the affinity and success of Destination Canada's advertising reach overseas. The good news for Canadians was that it was working.
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We helped TELUS understand the competition and how to beat them.
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Other Market Research services

Public perception

Do people trust your brand? How strong is the relationship between you and your customer?

Brand Awareness

How familiar is your potential audience with your brand? Have they heard of you or remember your message?

Competitive analysis

Want to know how you stack up against the competition? Are they winning or are you?

User behaviour

How happy are users with your website? Are there major roadblocks or items preventing more success?

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