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Local Business Listing Management

Where people find you

We are experts in covering the web with our client's business listings. We have over 300 directories in our database but only use the strongest ones to propel our clients online presence.

Listing Accuracy

Keeping on top of accuracy is a big part of our job. Google and others accept user information for recommendations on category, business hours and location. Accurate information is a key ingredient to more and happy customers.

Reviews & Reputation

Listings for SEO

Business listing sites have review systems built in to guide the user on choosing more reputable businesses. We monitor, manage and post on our clients behalf in order to keep their reputation positive.

Research & Data

We actively research, gather and maintain data on the sentiments surrounding your business.
local business listing management

Sites we manage

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SEO services

SEO audits

A short one time project of examining what you need and why.


Our SEO approach is to focus on growing visibility in organic search engine results.

SEO for WordPress

We participate in knowledge and technology transfers to promote the resource use.

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