Landing Pages: Definition, Examples & Best Practices

Landing Pages: Definition, Examples & Best Practices

A landing page is the first page people see when they enter a website. It’s where they “land”, typically the home page or a lead acquisition page. You could arrive on a landing page from either clicking a link featured on another website (ex. google search) or typing in the url directly.

Compared to other pages on a company’s website, landing pages are usually simpler in terms of design and content. The simplicity of a landing page is an intentional design decision in order to get the user to complete a desired action. The desired action is referred to as a Call to Action.

Common Calls to Action are:

  • Signing up for an account 
  • Signing up for an email newsletter
  • Downloading a resource
  • Purchasing a product
  • Getting an estimate or quote

Landing pages are built with the goal of leading users to complete the call to action.

When to use a landing page, example 1: When you need to focus

When you need a page that has a clear goal.

This can be within the context of a marketing campaign or a new site build, if you find that current navigation may be overwhelming to users, you may want to make specific pages intuitive to use and have a goal for the user to accomplish. A goal driven landing page is a perfect tactic for otherwise complex websites.

When to use a landing page, example 2: When pages aren’t performing

Landing pages are often used when the performance metrics of an important page are behind expectations. The performance metrics generally looked at in order to know this are:

  • Conversion rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Dwell time
  • Page speed
  • Page errors

Keys to making a great landing page

The key to an effective landing page is simplicity and clarity. The more you clutter your landing page design, the more diverted the visitor’s attention becomes. The landing page is not about promoting your brand or explaining your work, which can be explained by other pages.

The hierarchy of a landing page is important. If a user has to scroll down to the bottom of a page to enter their information on your form, chances are they won’t make it that far. Prioritize your Call to Action over supplementary content like testimonials.

Message-matching is another key characteristic of a good landing page. If your Google Ad says “Valentine’s Day Sale: 50% Off Chocolate” and the link leads to the homepage of your online chocolate delivering website, the visitor will be confused and click away, not having fulfilled their initial query. If the ad leads to a landing page with the 50% Off Valentine’s Deal, the customer is much more likely to proceed with their shopping.

Examples of Landing Pages

Uber Landing Page

uber landing page

Uber’s landing page is simple and gets straight to the point. You’re presented with a sign up form right when you arrive at the page with some short, impactful copy on the left. They further emphasize their “earn on your schedule” statement below the sign up form by explaining the support they offer and the flexibility of being an Uber driver.

Another smart design element Uber included is the blue topbar that appears as you scroll down to read more information. If you click on the “Sign up to drive” button, it redirects you back to the sign up form above so that the CTA is still right in front of you even when you scroll down to continue reading.

Zoho Landing Page

zoho crm landing page

Zoho’s CRM software landing page is clean, but packs a lot of relevant information. The headline avoids any marketing jargon and tells you, in its simplest form, what the software can do for you. The sign up form is right at the top and they prove their credibility by showing the logos of some of their big name clients. They include some more information about their CRM software below the headline but don’t over explain their product.

Zip Recruiter Landing Page

Instead of a sign up form, ZipRecruiter asks its landing page visitors a question right off the bat. The copy tells you exactly what ZipRecruiter does and their call-to-action is right below. The landing page also includes testimonials and official partners in a muted gray section under the CTA, showing good visual hierarchy. 

Airbnb Landing Page

Airbnb’s landing page drives conversions by immediately allowing visitors to interact with their interface. This simple calculator feature compels people to apply to be a host by answering a common question: How much could I make as an Airbnb host? They do the math for you, and just like good SEO should do, your query is solved. 

Good copy and attention-grabbing visuals definitely up your landing page game, but sometimes, solid numbers do the trick. 

Square Landing Page

square landing page

Square’s minimalistic, but eye-catching video takes up a good half of their landing page and shows the diversity of businesses it serves. They have two, non-contradicting CTAs right at the top for visitors to sign up. They supplement the video with more information about their product below. Also, their headline pun is pretty sweet.

Know of any other great landing page examples? Leave any questions, comments or examples below!

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