How CASL Positively Effects Your Email Marketing

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When Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) was announced, there were significant concerns about how the new legislation may affect your email marketing campaigns, and rightfully so. CASL now required all Canadian e-mail marketers to re-gain permission to the inboxes of the people on their list, or face fines.

If you have ever been the victim of spam, you know the feeling when seeing unwelcome advertisements in your inbox. CASL has been created as a preventative measure to protect Canadians form an onslaught of unsolicited advertising, and to ensure the contact they do receive is welcome.

If you (or your clients) are concerned with a loss of subscribers, remember that you are cutting negative numbers. These are subscribers that have decreased your open rates. With CASL’s requirement of renewing subscription permissions, you are not only cutting dead weight, but have been given the opportunity to get to know your remaining subscribers more closely, in order to grow your brand’s email marketing to the next level of success.

As an email marketer, how will CASL affect me?

Many email marketers have been wondering how this will affect their recipient lists. Since e-mail marketers are now required to send an email confirming that recipient would like to remain on their list, there is a chance that numbers on your list may drop.

I have lost email marketing contacts because of CASL. What does this mean?

There are many reasons why these contacts could have been lost, and this is not necessarily as dire as it initially feels. Since CASL regulations require marketing list recipients to confirm their continued interest in your product or brand, you are creating a list of actively interested parties, receptive to your advertising.

Strengthen relationships with your customers

When you have a group more receptive to your messaging and branding, your relationship with your existing contacts will develop, and strengthen. As this occurs, when new interested parties submit their interest to your marketing lists, you will be delivering an email marketing product that is fine tuned to their interests and needs, which more effectively broadcasts to their interests and needs.

Engagement and click rates will increase

While initial subscriber numbers may decrease, your engagement and click rates will increase, because your subscribers are actively interested in receiving your contact. Check your analytics to see what your historic open rates are, and pay close attention to your numbers in the coming months. If you’re finding that the numbers aren’t going up, or they aren’t moving up as quickly as you would like, try re-working your content and subject lines to be more enticing.


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