Google’s Easter Eggs

Here’s a collection from Buzzfeed of all of the great easter eggs that Google has thrown together.

1) Atari Breakout. Google image search “Atari Breakout” and you get to play the classic Atari game!

2) Google in 1998. This search brings up the old school version of the search engine.

3) Do a barrel roll. Google literally does a barrel roll.

4) Legoland in Google maps. It changes the icon from Pegman to Legoman.

5) Kennedy Space Center in Google Maps. This changes Pegman to an astronaut.

6) Bacon number. Google has built Bacon Numbers into their algorithm.

7) Anagram. They suggest an anagram for anagram – nag a ram.

8) Zerg rush. Performs a zerg rush (an overwhelming attack in video games) in the search results.


And here are a few of our favourites they’ve missed.


9) Askew or tilt. These searches tilt the browser worthy of Reddit’s Mildly Infuriating.

10) Festivus. It brings a Festivus pole up on the left hand side of the screen.

11) Google Pacman. This term allows a for a quick game of Pacman.

12) Blink tag. This search uses the unfortunate html element <blink> in the code.


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