Google Update: Pigeon

Google Update: Pigeon

The latest Google update to hit is Pigeon. It hit around July 24th, and the results seem to be mainly for local business results. This is the reason it’s called Pigeon – they usually fly home.

What Changed?

1) Local results. Local businesses may see a shift in their traffic starting from July 24th, especially in their Google Business Listing stats. Pigeon has limited the amount of “packs,” seen below in the search results column. This one is for “Vancouver restaurant.”

vancouver restaurants

2) According to Pete Myers, these keywords lost a lot of results:
• cars for sale
• apartments
• cruises
• train tickets
• sofa, wheels
• liposuction
• social security card
• motorcycle helmets

3) These are the keywords that gained in results:

• skechers
• mortgage
• apartments for rent
• web designer
• long john silvers
• lamps
• mystic
• make a wish foundation
• va hospital
• internet service

More than anything, we recommend that business owners check the effect on their own Google Business Listing stats.

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