Google Maps Now Offering Real Time Vancouver Transit Updates

Recently, planning trips around Vancouver has become a lot more convenient.

Google Maps travel is officially including GTFS real time data from Translink buses and the Skytrain, to add convenience to Vancouver commuters. Vancouverites can now to tell if a route is delayed, how to get to the beach faster and if you’re going to be on time for work. With the addition of real time Translink data, Google Maps becomes a one-stop shop for commute planning.

To see if the next bus is on time, the route name and the bus number, click on one of the blue bus or train icons already on your Google Map – it’s that easy.

Google’s transit data crosses six continents, 64 countries and more than 15,000 cities and towns, worldwide.

All of the buses, trains, trams and subways included in Google Maps’ public transit routes travel over 200 million kilometres every day – that’s like driving every road in the world three times, and they aren’t even finished!

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