Facebook’s Fake Likes Should Make You A Better Advertiser

The popular video below makes a compelling argument not to advertise on Facebook. It’s been sent to us a few times for clarification and makes a ton of great points, but misses a few key ones.

Advertising his Virtual Cat, or Virtual Bagel to a global audience will generate fake likes and drive up cost. This is true, but what business doesn’t understand their audience enough to advertise to everyone in the world regardless of location, behaviour, or interest?

Of course there are click farms which can deplete your budget, but this should make your targeting options stricter, and force you to further define your audience. The reason online advertising is so effective is that we now have options to target exact audiences, and no longer require the broad blanket advertising methods of traditional mediums. Dancing around these click farms forces advertisers to be better and improve their strategy.

The video makes some very necessary and valid points, but unless you’re advertising to everyone in the world regardless of age, demographic or interests, this should be a non factor.


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