Gmail Hoping To Improve Open Rates With Image Heavy Grid View

When Gmail switched their e-mail layout to include a Promotions tab, e-mail marketers were thrown a curveball.

Instead of having subscribed marketing e-mails appear amongst their typical e-mails, Gmail users suddenly found a world of segregation. There are now three inboxes, “Primary”, for your main mail, “Social”, involving all of your networks, and “Promotions”, a new home for e-mail marketing messages. With the Promotions tab acting as a modern spam filter, users were less likely to click through to advertising e-mail content, affecting every organization sending newsletter content.

Thankfully, Gmail has announced the new Grid View, an ideal response to marketer’s very real concerns surrounding open rates.  Grid View gives marketers the opportunity to entice their audience, while readers get the best of both worlds – convenience, in an attractive, image heavy preview setting.

Gmail Promotions Tab Marketing

Gmail is currently accepting accounts willing to field test the feature, which offers convenient message style swapping, in case you find you would rather see the current text only view.


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