EA is Not the Worst Company in America

The Consumerist recently took a poll which has voted EA the worst company in America. A quick look at Alexa demographic info shows their audience (and who probably voted): High school and college students with no kids. Gamers.

The Consumerist is making an extremely bold statement:

“When we live in an era marked by massive oil spills, faulty foreclosures by bad banks, and rampant consolidation in the airline and telecom industry, what does it say about EA’s business practices that so many people have—for the second year in a row—come out to hand it the title of Worst Company In America?”

Alexa can certainly have a margin of error, but we’d like to point out that one online poll does not mean poor gaming experiences outweighs an oil spill. Especially when your audience seems to be comprised of a certain demographic.

Full disclosure: We’ve worked with EA on a few projects indirectly, but don’t have a relationship with them. We’re also huge Fifa 13 fans and are frustrated by some experiences.

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