Facebook Ad Campaigns

With about a billion daily Facebook users, there’s a dynamite chance your audience is there doing what one does on Facebook: browsing, liking and discussing. These hundreds of millions of people see ads – a lot of them. The sophisticated Facebook ad engine allows dozens of targeting options, which means your ad can get in front of the people you want to see it.  

Facebook Quality Signals

The Facebook ad engine borrowed from the Google Adwords program to create its quality ranking system. Facebook financially rewards advertisers that present better ads to their audience. For example, an advertiser with a 10/10 quality score will be charged $0.05 per click and an ad with a 1/10 quality score will be charged $4.50 per click. This system allows for a less annoying experience for Facebook users, which benefits Facebook, the user, and the advertiser.

We’ve been creating Facebook ad campaigns since 2006 and we know how to secure the lowest cost-per-click. Bang for your buck and an effective ad campaign targeted to your specific demographic? What could be better?

How to Run a Successful Facebook Campaign

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