Wordpress SEO

Around 30% of the top websites in the world use WordPress, and for good reason. It’s an easy-to-use tool that can scale with your organizational needs. And we happen to be WordPress experts.


Yoast + Wordpress SEO Plugins

The SEO plugin Yoast is installed in around 5 million websites. It’s a straightforward and easy to use SEO tool to get your site optimized. Some say it’s difficult to use, but we think that once you get past the learning curve, it streamlines your SEO.

We’ll help you:

Optimize for the right keywords. If there’s no research, how are you going to know your keywords are the correct ones?

Figure out if it’s working. What metrics will help you understand if what you’re doing is in the best long term interest of your website?

Google won’t necessarily rank your site based on a few revised page titles. In fact Google, will revise your page title if they can find a better one based on your page information.