What is Linkbuilding?

To rank highly for keywords, Google needs to understand that your website is strong enough to be at the top. Google will scan other websites for links to your website to verify that your website belongs up there.

The links that Google scan have value metrics applied to them. For example, a link from apple.com is more valuable than a link from stretchy-socks-website.net. We have over a decade of experience in identifying opportunity and getting results.


How We Link-Build

Every business is different, which means every link-building campaign is different. The desired result must align to the organization’s business goal, which will influence the link-building strategy.

Uncover Opportunities

When we build links, we begin with a lot of digging. Research is the fundamental element to successful link-building. Finding where to get links is often the most difficult part.

Find Easy Wins

Often there are opportunities that have been overlooked which we can nab up immediately. A fresh set of eyes is sometimes the key to finding high-quality inbound links.

 Work Hard

Getting the attention of other websites takes a lot of effort, experience, and technique. Not every major website in the world is going to want to link to a page so the approach has to be unique, appropriate, and most of all, effective.

Don't Try and Game Google

WordPress commenting is a common spam link-building technique. There are tools that will automatically submit your name, comment and website address to hundreds of WordPress sites, hoping that the WordPress “auto-approve comment” setting is on. This can build thousands of links overnight, but it’s a short-term gain that will be lost as soon as the website owners turn these comments off. Also – Google's algorithm only requires a small update to nullify these efforts if they aren't in vain to begin with.

This and countless other “slash and burn” spam techniques are used by digital marketers who want a short-term gain, and quickly move on to something else. Our approach is to build long-term growth into organizations. Our link-building methods do not include short-term gains that try to game the Google ranking - it ethically supports your business in places that make sense. Google recognizes this and then promotes your ranking.

Read more on what Google deems as spammy on their Link Scheme page.