What are Pay Per Call Campaigns?

Pay Per Call Campaigns are Google ad types that allow the user to call a business directly from the user’s mobile phone, eliminating the need to visit the website for information.

We’ve found this to be extremely helpful for some types of businesses and user types. Sometimes it’s just easier to call someone and talk rather than try to navigate a website to find what you’re looking for.

Reasons for a Pay Per Call Campaign

Complexity of information.

If your question requires a person to discuss complicated matters, it’s easier to talk it through. Scheduling and logistics are a few examples of things you just need to chat about.

Lead strength.

Many of our clients prefer to talk on the phone with a lead rather than communicate through an email discussion. This more personal connection with a potential customer can be an extremely strong step towards new business.

Website isn’t ready.

Many times a website is outdated, not mobile friendly or can’t handle the type of request. In this instance a phone call is a much better solution.