Google Adwords Management

We're a Google Partner and have spent about 15 years maximizing budgets. It starts with a plan, and we drive home optimization until we get the results we want.

How Adwords Works

Google’s ad engine is an advertising auction system that has been around since 2000. It now generates $19 billion per year.

Advertisers bid on the keywords that are entered by a searcher. The bid price is evaluated by  competitive bids and quality signals that their system detects. These quality signals are a lot of what we pay attention to.

Getting Results

Adwords’ ranking system is called Quality Score, which is a combination of:

  • Relevance of your ads
  • Relevance of your keywords
  • Click rate on your ads
  • User experience on your website

These four factors weigh in what you get for a Quality Score for each keyword. An account typically has hundreds of keywords, so the most important part of the campaign is to structure the account in a way that maximizes your Quality Score.

The reason why Quality Score matters so much is that Adwords’ system will reward advertisers with a lower cost per click. Good advertisers pay less in Adwords because Google has a long-term interest in making their users happy. Inexperienced advertisers will learn the hard way that they will be billed more for not bending to the will of Google and their customers.