Marketing for E-Commerce Sites

Successful e-commerce marketing strategies mean you’re continuously finding opportunity in the data you uncover, and you’re endlessly pivoting towards results.

We’ve worked with dozens of e-commerce sites over the years, some of which you can see on our clients page.

SEO is Key to Successful E-Commerce

Organic traffic is nearly always the #1 source of revenue for an e-commerce site, which is why SEO is the most necessary element of an e-commerce marketing startegy.

This study claims that the #1 organic position gets 33% of the clicks, which is right in line with what we’ve seen for most clients. In short – it’s all about market share. The #2 spot gets roughly 18% and the #3 spot gets 11%. A great place to start is figuring out what percentage of the organic market you have in your target area and, then you can plan your strategy based on that data.

PPC for E-Commerce

There’s an endless amount of ways to attack a Google AdWords account for an e-commerce site. Our fundamental approach to Google AdWords and other pay-per-click (PPC) systems is to build a system of iteration into the process. That means we’re continuously optimizing our strategy based on the data. We’re successful because we’re relentless.

How to Run a Successful E-Commerce PPC Campaign

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