What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

For example, two pages have the same content, except one page’s headline says “Buy Now” and the other page’s headline says “25% off.” Which one will lead to a sale or lead? The simplest form of conversion rate optimization would be to monitor each percentage rate of action and then funnel all traffic to the top performing page.


How Do Conversion Rate Optimization Projects Begin?

We need to know your goal and what you’re trying to achieve. After that, it’s all about data. Then we need baseline conversion data – let’s say a conversion rate of 5%. We then create a plan to test a few variations to see if we can get higher than 5%.

We then dive into your customer’s decision making process and understand the psychology of their actions. What are they hoping for? What’s the worst-case scenario they can expect from performing this action? Are there caveats or are they uncomfortable making this decision?

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