Website Analytics

Analytics is most often thought of in conjunction with the popular Google Analytics product. In practice, analytics refers to the “ … discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data.“ (source)

Other companies do analytics, too. Some examples are Adobe Analytics, Clicky, IBM Analytics, Kissmetrics and Piwik. Business intelligence tools just as Domo and Klipfolio can also take data and develop their own analytics into a custom analytics dashboard.

The most important facet of web analytics is ensuring your system is built in a way that helps you use the information. The first part is reporting numbers, the second part is building a narrative that helps make smart business decisions.

Our Analytics Work

The most important facet of our analytics work is ensuring it is built to give you the information you need. The first part is reporting numbers, the second part is building a narrative which can allow people to make smart business decisions.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the beast. Around 79% of the top million websites have Google Analytics installed. (source) It’s fast, easy to install, and free. Unfortunately, many of the most important parts—like configuration, accuracy and analysis—are often overlooked. That’s where we come in.

For more on how we can beef up your program, see our Google Analytics page.

Social & Platform Analytics

There are also analytics in many platforms now, such as the social giants Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. There are a variety of WordPress plugins that allow you to see analytics in the CMS. HubSpot, Marketo, Unbounce and other marketing platforms are similar, but all have their own take on what’s important.

We have experience in dozens of systems and are ready to help with your analytics project. Get in touch!