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11 years of marketing

My goal is to find what works, and you can’t get there unless you’ve tested. In my 10 years of experience in driving results oriented marketing campaigns, the ones that succeed are the ones that try.

Digital Marketing

I’m known in the office as the Get Shit Done Guy. My goal is to treat client projects the way I would want my projects treated. A little talk, a lot of action.

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I have been tossed into a hundred campaigns or so over the years and the common thread throughout all of them is the process of testing, optimizing, testing. No one can accurately predict the performance of a campaign prior to launching, but those that have their eyes on the prize by actively watching for success metrics will beat their competition.



About me

I’m Vancouver born and raised and know too much about hockey. You’ll likely find me:

• at a Canucks game
• at work sifting through stats
• at a pub watching Bayern Munich

Things you can ask me about:

• how your competition is doing online
• Gino Odjick’s career highlights
• why businesses succeed online

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