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We drive digital marketing campaigns for insurance companies. This help insurers reach and connect with their future customers.

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Competitive research | SEO | Analytics

Insurance Go is a Canadian insurance company finder. We helped produce research, site content and optimization throughout the site.

insurance go

SEO | Market Research | Analytics

The Canadian insurance finder website. Allows Canadians from most provinces to find their new insurance provider.

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How we begin marketing insurance products

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When people are looking for car insurance, life insurance, business insurance, or many of the other products, it’s difficult to tell where to go. To the average consumer there’s little difference between companies and there’s no prices available. This means that they have to get in touch

Customer Journey

A customer will turn to a brand search or to Google to help them find a provider. This is why SEO for insurance companies is extremely important, as is brand awareness. Combining optimized content with brand awareness allows customers to find you, and trust you when they do.


Insurance companies are highly localized by Google. This means a business insurance provider with an office in North Vancouver will have an easier time reaching people googling “business insurance companies” in that city. This is a main factor for office locations and insurance storefronts across Canada. Local SEO is key.

PPC + Google Ads for Insurance

Many insurance providers turn immediately towards paid ads for acquisition. It can work, but be cautious. The cost per clicks can sometimes get into the $50 per click range which makes the Return on Investment of a PPC campaign difficult.

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