Real Estate Marketing is Competitive? No Sweat.


MOSAIC Homes builds beautiful townhomes and apartments in and around Vancouver.

The goal was to communicate their philosophy and showcase their beautifully designed properties by leveraging their brand assets. This would drive more sales in the highly competitive real estate market of Vancouver.

It worked.


1) Find the audience, research behavior and marketplace.

2) Advertise and promote optimized messages to the audience that would greatly benefit from owning a new property.

3) Find the cost effective methods of driving buyers to the beautiful property pages designed by Storydriven.

4) Consistently optimize, analyze and adjust. Learn from user behavior and consistently improve the experience and funnel.


Every property built is a property sold. This goes a long way to explaining the strength of the product and how we're reaching the correct buyers.

“Our Online Marketing Has made consistently Selling our properties a reality.” - Patrick, Marketing Manager
  • 2,930% increase in Search click rate
  • 86% decrease in cost per conversion
  • 1,252% increase in organic search traffic