Definition: Bounce Rate

Definition: Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is defined as a one page visit to a website.

Scenario 1: A user wants to know the opening hours of the Gravity Pope (a shoe store) in their neighbourhood. They google “gravity pope shoe store open hours”, and click the Google result that brings them to the contact page that tells them when the store is open. After seeing that information, the user closes that page and walks to the shoe store.

Scenario 2: A user is looking for shoe stores in their neighbourhood. They google “shoe store” and click on a website. The website was very slow to load, so they hit the back button and try another website.

Good & Bad Bounces

Scenario 1 was a good bounce. The website produced the information that the user was looking for and was able to use.

Scenario 2 was a bad bounce. If the website owner invested in a better performing website the user could have used the information.

In this scenario the user only saw one page from the store’s website. Bounce rate is often seen as a quality metric because much of the time, website owners want their visitors to see at least two pages.

Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

You’ll find Bounce Rate on the homepage for your Google Analytics property as shown below.

You’ll also find Bounce Rate in places in order to measure individual pages and traffic sources.

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