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New Adwords Expanded Ad Format

Google announced yesterday that an update is coming for its Adwords ad format.


It may not seem like a momentous change, but the real estate that ads will take up in search results is going to increase. There will now be space for 10 more characters in total. This update comes on the heels of a graphic that is being shared a lot on Twitter by Ginny Marvin.


The rationale for the change is to cater to the mobile user. Using more headline space than paragraph text helps to optimize ads for handheld screen sizes.

As Adwords ad extensions have become larger and more frequent, this is probably a move to minimize the noise below the link and allow the user to make better decisions based on the first thing they see.

What to do about it? Simply write amazing headlines – it’s that easy!

New Adwords Price Extension

adwords price extension

Price extensions are coming! The above image shows an example of one advertiser using them in Adwords. This new feature in Google Adwords will be available to most advertisers in most countries very soon. Each product or service will link to a unique landing page similar to Sitelink Extensions.

Price comparison shopping is very common and knowing the price of something is a very strong reason to click. We expect this new feature to play an enormous role in competitive Adwords campaigns.

The list of Adwords extensions currently sits at:

  • Callout extensions
  • App extensions
  • Call extensions
  • Location extensions
  • Review extensions
  • Sitelink extensions
  • Callout extensions
  • Consumer ratings
  • Previous visits

This Adwords Keyword is $370 Per Click.

Is it gold in here?

If you’re using Adwords to target  for “New Orleans mesothelioma lawyer,” you may be paying $370 per click. (source) Mesothelioma seems to be a pricey keyword theme no matter where you are in the US:

• tennessee mesothelioma attorney : $323.91 per click
• nebraska mesothelioma attorney $278.63 per click
• new york city mesothelioma attorney $248.38 per click

If you’re targeting “structured settlements” then it’s your lucky day – only $205 per click . It’s practically free!

You don’t need to be made of gold to afford these. The law industry dominates the highest Adwords clicks for a reason – they make more from them than they spend. These advertisers are teaching everyone a lesson to be more aware of revenue generated per lead. They’re also reestablishing important virtues in marketing – being  agile and reinvesting in the channels that work.

With that said – $370 per click is ridiculous.