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Canada Mapped by Trails, Roads, Streets, Highways

10 ways Canada compares with the rest of the world

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) helps governments around the world improve their countries’ social and economic well-being. The OECD has been compiling global data for decades and they’ve got a fantastic charting tool that gives a glimpse into how countries compare to each other. How does Canada stack up in the global arena? Here are some of our favourite graphs.

1) Tax revenue vs. Luxembourg


2) Percentage of people 15 or younger vs. Mexico


3) Percentage of elderly vs. Japan


4) Household income vs. Greece


5) Education spending vs. Brazil


6) Gender wage gap vs. Korea


7) Mobile subscriptions vs. Finland


8) Female entrepreneurship vs. Japan


9) Science performance (girls)


10) Doctors per 100 people vs. Russia

Visualization of #Sunrise

Mapping World History

We just stumbled across this video of our world history via Wikipedia coordinates. It’s heavily weighted around Europe because of the amount of articles on the subject. Regardless, it’s a very cool idea executed by this guy.

One Day of Activity for Translink (Metro Vancouver Transit)