Art of Marketing Conference in Vancouver

The Art of Marketing 2014 conference is taking place next week, at The Centre in Vancouver For Performing Arts. We are incredibly excited to see the year’s big draw, Seth Godin, author of Purple Cow, Linchpin, The Icarus Deception, and more.  We’ve flown through all of his books, podcast episodes and blog posts, and we can’t wait to hear his latest groundbreaking lecture in person.

Here’s Seth discussing how we should reconsider the term “artist”:

Godin’s first publication was the landmark marketing text Purple Cow, where many quickly realized his keen insights into marketing and entrepreneurship. Godin’s brilliance mimics that of a great observational comic, namely his ability to look at everyday things and convert them into topics and angles that haven’t been considered.

Godin is also highly enthusiastic about what he does, which makes him all the more persuasive.

Let’s connect! If you’re there and want to chat about Seth Godin, hit me up on at twitter.com/thestatusbureau.

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