This Adwords Keyword is $370 Per Click.

This Adwords Keyword is $370 Per Click.

If you’re using Adwords to target  for “New Orleans mesothelioma lawyer,” you may be paying $370 per click. (source) Mesothelioma seems to be a pricey keyword theme no matter where you are in the US:

• tennessee mesothelioma attorney : $323.91 per click
• nebraska mesothelioma attorney $278.63 per click
• new york city mesothelioma attorney $248.38 per click

If you’re targeting “structured settlements” then it’s your lucky day – only $205 per click . It’s practically free!

You don’t need to be made of gold to afford these. The law industry dominates the highest Adwords clicks for a reason – they make more from them than they spend. These advertisers are teaching everyone a lesson to be more aware of revenue generated per lead. They’re also reestablishing important virtues in marketing – being  agile and reinvesting in the channels that work.

With that said – $370 per click is ridiculous.

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