Adwords Will Now Show Your Phone Numbers Automatically

Adwords Will Now Show Your Phone Numbers Automatically

Google has recently pushed out an email stating that they’ll begin scraping your landing pages for phone numbers and automatically putting them in mobile ads. This could be beneficial or possibly very detrimental if you’re unaware of this small change.

There are a lot of advertisers that want calls, and some that absolutely do not. Some businesses work really hard to cut down on phone calls because online cuts down on errors and staff workload.

The Fix! Follow these steps to turn them off:

  1. Go to the Ad Extensions tab
  2. Automated extensions report
  3. Automated extension options (advanced)
  4. Click “Edit”
  5. Uncheck “Automatic call extensions” under “Do not use specific automated extensions in this account”

Voila! No more automatic phone numbers placed in your mobile ads.

They’re implementing this for a good reason. From Google:

This year, mobile search engines are predicted to drive nearly 33 billion clicks-to-call to businesses globally, almost 19% more calls than from mobile landing pages alone. 

Getting phone calls are generally much stronger leads for companies in the B2B world. In the B2C world, this is rarely the case and they’re about to get a lot more phone calls if they haven’t noticed this change from Google.

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