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The craftspeople.

We're proud of our team and always looking for more people with a similar passion & experience for online marketing. If that's you, email us at .

Josh Loewen

Co-founder + Strategy

Josh has worked in web and advertising for 15 years, is an active member of the IABC, BCAMA, BC AIM and is Google Adwords and Analytics certified. He's run countless campaigns and manages most of the day to day.

Darren Prasad

Tactics + Management

Darren is Google Adwords certified and has over 7 years of specializing in SEO, SEM, Conversion Optimization, & increasing ROI. He has worked as a team leader on major Profit 100 website re-development projects and handles much of the tactical execution of campaigns.

Carmen Majeau

Precision + Design

Carmen has over 12 years of advertising and production experience. This leads to a professional and precise and beautiful approach to every campaign, keeping on track, and exceeding expectations.

Dave Bellous

Co-founder + Smarts

Dave provides management oversight on technical direction and financials. He has 20 years of experience in ensuring successful growth and finding the right solution for any business problem.

Paul Bellows

Co-founder + Leadership

Paul has an management oversight role for The Status Bureau. His 20 years experience on the web allows him to gauge business goals and easy decipher success points of every campaign and relationship.

Ken Bellous

Honesty + Numbers

Every great company needs a numbers man. We're lucky to have one of the better ones in the country. Ken audits our numbers and ensures we're as solid as can be. He has managed organizations small and large and keeps the structure of the business tight and together.